Vileda Super Mocio 3 Action Refill

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The UK's best selling mop is now even better thanks to it's unique 3 Action head.
The specially developed head now has 3 cleaning zones: the red non scratch spot eraser for tough dirt removal, the blue microfibre for greasy dirt removal and the 3D red smart fibre spots for hair and particle pick up. Together with the absorbent cloth core and lemon shaped head to reach into corners, it leaves your floors cleaner than ever.
The head can be easily removed for either washing (at up to 60°C) or replacement. To remove the head simply pull the head and handle apart or alternatively place the mop head on the floor, put your foot firmly on it and then pull up on the handle, making sure you hold it well away from your body. To replace, line up the mop head with the grooves in the handle and push on until it clicks into place.