Trudesign T-Piece Connector

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T-Piece Threaded 1½".
A versatile building block, the TruDesign T-Piece features two female parallel threads and one male which allow manifolds to be created simply by joining two or more parts together. It is useful for when taking multiple hose connections to a single ball valve and thru-hull fitting. T-Pieces simply daisy chain together to create a manifold system.
The TruDesign T-Piece Connector
  • Operates as a simple T-Piece
  • Operation as a manifold with an expandable number of inlet ports to meet the individual boat requirements

Typical Uses
A typical application includes connecting all flybridge drains to one manifold before draining overboard. It’s also commonly used for glycol/ antifreeze flush through systems in preparation for winterization as well as in fresh water engine flush out systems. A plug can be installed in the female end of the T-Piece to work as an inspection port for looking through to the internals of the ball valve.