Taku – Hatch Mounted Fan 12V

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  • With a pivoting axis, this versatile fan can be swivelled to exhaust air out of the cabin or to bring fresh air in. Taku fits to the underside of the hatch with suction cup mounts and can be put up or taken down in seconds.
  • LED Cabin light

3 speed Comfort mode (100, 200, 300 CFM) and powerful AirBlast Exchange mode for over 500 cubic feet of fresh air per minute.

  • 3 quiet comfort speeds
  • Turbo setting
  • Sealed, brushless motor
  • Draws less than 1 amp at high speed, 4.3A on Turbo
  • Fits most hatches 19” and up
  • Secure suction mount (no-drilling required)

Dimensions: 31.8cm x 49.5cm x 14.4cm