Scrubbis Waterline Cleaning

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Three elements:
  • Waterline Brush
  • Cleaner Spray
  • Telescopic Pole
Clean the waterline from your boat or the jetty.

Scrubbis Waterline Brush Head
Clean your boat waterline from the boat or jetty. The Waterline Brush Head can be fixed to your Scrubbis Telescopic Handle. Whilst the boat is in the water, waterline stains and dirt will not have not dried and can be easier to remove. Waterline Brush's large abrasive pad will deal swiftly with dirt, grease, soot, oil and marine biofouling on the waterline. Its flexible scraper will remove debris and polish after rinsing.

Scrubbis Waterline Cleaner Spray 50ml
This environmentally friendly cleaner is specially formulated to provide extra power to the Waterline Brush. Spray it on the abrasive pad of the brush.

  • 100% water soluble.
  • Contains no acids or harsh chemicals.
  • Very effective with Waterline Brush.
  • Use while the boat is in the water.

Scrubbis Telescopic Handle
This handle fits the Scrubbis Waterline Brush and is supplied with the Scrubbis Hull Scraper Set. It is also compatible with the Catching Boat Hook.

  • Length alone, 111cm to 197cm.