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The Merx Hook makes for easy and secure mooring on a buoy or the dock
The Merx system comprises three components, the Merx Hook, the Hook Grip and the Scrubbis Telescopic Pole.

Simple to use

  • Tie your mooring line to the Merx Hook and slot it into the HookGrip.
  • Catch the Merx Hook on the buoy or pontoon and a little tug will release the hook from the HookGrip.
  • The gate of the Merx Hook closes and tension on the line locks the gate.

To Release
Relieve the rope tension, the hook can be folded and the gate opened. For a more permanent fixture a padlock or shackle can be used to lock the hook.


  • Safe & easy mooring
  • Self-locking latch, during tension
  • Marine stainless steel SS1316 for 2500kg drag force.

Merx Hook - Only

  • Thread mooring line through the large hole
  • Hook locks under tension or with a padlock
  • Marine stainless steel SS1316 for 2500kg drag force.
  • Combine with HookGrip and Scrubbis Telescopic Pole.

HookGrip - Only

  • Fits onto Scrubbis telescopic pole

Merx Hook, Hook Grip with Telescopic Pole

  • All you need.