Sana Juicer EUJ-828 Silver Vertical Slow Juicer

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The Sana EUJ-828 Vertical Slow Juicer uses the latest cold press juicing technology from one of the world's leading manufacturers, giving performance on a par with the very best juicers available. It represents the pinnacle of cold press juicer design and offers a few variations which give it a distinct place in the list of top choices in this category.
Originating as it does from one of the very best slow juicer factories means you can be confident from the outset that you will get unmatched juicing performance. There are also a few nice little touches that set this model apart from the rest. The glass jugs are a nice touch and add a more premium feel and the ingenious dual feed hopper is great for those wanting to juicer berries and feed other small pieces of produce. It's also a great bonus that the homogenising screen is included at no extra cost, meaning you can make sorbets and healthy fruit 'ice creams' straight out of the box.
With the Sana 828 the user will experience a less foamy juice and for the discerning health enthusiast it's a great 'luxury buy' that will repay your original investment many times by saving on waste and giving the highest possible yield of extremely nutritious cold pressed juice.

  • Silver
  • 2 pin plug
  • Sana Citrus Attachment