Miele PW6065 Plus - Washing Machine - Door Seal

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If you have a ripped or otherwise damaged door seal on your washing machine, it is important that it is resolved before you use the appliance again. An effective working door seal is important because it prevents the water from potentially leaking out of your washing machine.
Over time seals can become worn and less effective, or can be subject to actually being teared. If either of these scenarios has happened to your washing machine door seal it will need to be replaced.
What does the washing machine door seal do? The washing machine door seal, otherwise known as a gasket, is a very important part of the appliance on a front loader machine. It securely seals the door in place when shut to prevent any water getting out.
Is the washing machine door seal causing the problem? The faults listed below indicate an issue with the door seal. You may need to replace the seal if:
  • Your appliance is leaking from the front of the door o The door seal is torn, warped or damaged o Mould has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning

With this replacement door seal from our range of washing machine spares, you could soon have your appliance back at its best – and you can have the confidence that the water will stay inside your machine, rather than leak on the floor, during the wash cycle.