Fluke TiS20 Thermal Camera

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Ideal for identifying potential hot and cold spots that require further investigation before they become costly problems, the Fluke TiS20 is the affordable solution for fast and easy frontline troubleshooting.
The TiS20 thermal imager is an easy-to-use, fixed focus point and shoot infrared camera with a large 3.5 inch LCD display. The 120x90 resolution combined with our exclusive IR-Fusion Blending mode allows you to identify issues quickly and confidently. Securely store and manage your images from anywhere with WiFi upload to Fluke Cloud Storage. The replaceable smart batteries with a LED charge level indicator help prevent unexpected power loss.
The TiS20 is Fluke Connect compatible, giving you greater data management and reporting capabilities. With a greater need to integrate reporting and documentation of your facilities’ health, the Fluke Connect software system allows you to view different measurements—thermal, mechanical and electrical—from the same piece of equipment at the same time.