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This ENGEL heat cutter is designed for intermittent operation, and should not be used for more than twenty minutes at a time without pausing. The blade takes 6-8 seconds to heat up. Heat can be approximately controlled by using the on/off action of the trigger switch. The HSG 0 hot knife is best suited for cutting awnings, filter cloths, sail material, as well as synthetic strings and ropes. Unraveling occurs when certain fabrics are cut mechanically. The HSGM (Type-R blade included!) can be equipped with a variety of blades as well as the SF cutting foot. 90 Watt capacity, 110 Volt.
The SF cutting foot has been designed especially for the HSG 0. When used with cutting tip 100R synthetic material can be cut and the cut selvage can be sealed in one operation. This combination is especially effective when cutting large sized cloth and awnings like sails, canvas blinds and filter cloths.
Type 100R Cutting blade of higher capacity for separating stronger fabrics, and strings and ropes up to 15mm diameter.
  • Supply voltage: 230V-50Hz (110V-60Hz)
  • Power input: 60W
  • Intermittent operation: 1/4 min.
  • Class II protection
  • Supply cord 2m with US-type-plug
  • Includes 1 Type R Heat Cutter Blade