Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner Trigger Spray

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With its plant and mineral based formula, this Ecover Window and Glass Cleaner provides an eco-conscious solution to household and office cleaning.
Keep your windows, glass, and other reflective surfaces shining, fresh and clean with this convenient cleaner. As part of the Ecover line of environmentally sustainable products, this plant-based formula is free of chlorine, halogen, and petroleum-based compounds. All of the non-mineral ingredients are completely biodegradable. The versatile spray is fast and effective, and is designed to dry quickly without leaving spots, streaks or smudges behind. It is also an ideal cleaner for desks, shelves, cabinets and furniture that feature hard surfaces. The solution can even be safely applied to plastic, wood, brick, metal or any water-resistant surface. To use, simply spray the product on the surface and wipe away. You will be left will a bright and fresh shine
  • 500ml