Cristel Casteline (Removable Handles)

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Mirror finish stainless wok, made with triple-layer Multiply (stainless steel / aluminium / stainless steel), and a removable handle from the Removable Casteline collection. With a layer of aluminium sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, Casteline woks allow heat to spread throughout their body. Cooking with a wok requires high temperatures in order to preserve the colour, flavour and nutritional value of food. Casteline woks fully meet the requirements for this type of cooking. The wok's tapered shape enables food to be heated evenly with little oil. The multiple-layer design of Cristel woks improves the innate quality of the wok even further. Available with non-stick coating. Triple-layer stainless steel-aluminium-stainless steel Casteline woks preserve the taste of food and are easy to clean after use. Requires grips or a removable handle.

  • 16cm/18cm/20cm Saucepans
  • 24cm Saute Pan
  • 24cm Frying Pan (non-stick coating)
  • 28cm Frying Pan
  • 24cm Stew Pot
  • 16cm/18cm/20cm/24cm Flat Glass Lids 2 removable Handles 4 removable Grips