Ball Valves (Seacocks)

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TruDesign Ball Valves control thru-hull inlet and outlet requirements, above and below the water line. They are moulded in a lightweight glassreinforced Nylon composite material to provide maximum strength. The ball and seal ring are moulded in a PTFE filled polymer for lubricated, smooth continuous ease of operation. This material resists marine growth, such as barnacles, preventing them from seizing up the valve.


  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant and safe from electrolysis
  • Individually leak and pressure tested during manufacture
  • Burst-rated to 750 PSI (5,170 kPa)
  • Can be locked to comply with toilet waste outlet standards
  • Parallel BSP threads
  • Spanners available for hard-to-getto installations
  • OPEN/CLOSED positions marked for easy identification
  • Frost-friendly and won’t split like metallic ball valves can when frozen
  • Removable handles to assist installation - fastened with a 316 Stainless Steel screw
  • Available in position-monitored version